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Spelt's Heart-Stone















Spelt's Chap-book







Spelt's Rosary




Spelt's Chap-book


Cool recovery

Spelt's Heart-Stone

The concluding part of the Spelt trilogy.

Thursday 29th March
studio 2, dartington space
Performance time. 8pm

Tickets: Full price £ 7, concessions £6, students U16 £5
dartington arts box office: 01803 84707
or click here to book online.


A trilogy of one person shows written and performed by Mark Drummond. These theatre pieces track the journey of Spelt, a homeless man living on the streets.
Through margins of mind, heart and landscape, these plays trace a route from self to other, from isolation to community, from exile to belonging.


Spelt's Heart-Stone

The concluding part of the Spelt trilogy.

Spelt, down and out and over the edge of the world makes his way to the source: "and when I arrive I will smell of the earth..."

Spelt is theatre that appeals to the heart, as compassionate and imaginative as it truly is. Following his story, we find ourselves included in vast and startling ways...

"the integrity and extensive enquiry into what it is to be human shines through this piece of theatre in an uncompromising fashion."


The Flavel Dartmouth

Double Bill

Spelt's Chap-book


Spelt's Rosary

Saturday 21st April 2012
The Flavel, Dartmouth
Performance times.
Spelt's Chap-book. 7.30pm
Spelt's Rosary. 8.45pm

Tickets: £10 pre booked or £12 on the door
Flavel box office: 01803 838530
or click here to book online

Finding himself at the edge of the world, with the shards of a broken story, Spelt begins...

Spelt's Chap-book

" I tell my story to let it speak again. If I lose it, what I have of it, I am finished. I have to tell it though. To make it whole. I think. To find it all."

One day Spelt attempts to tell his story only to embark on a journey he never expected.

"The book we speak of is his story, a book of the wound, but a wise book. A log-book, book of the road, bound and wrapped in experience - a journey down through memory and vision. Grimed and oiled. It makes its way into many worlds, reveals openings, ways through. Along sheep paths, shale paths, re-opens routes long, long closed. He makes a map made up of star and spore..."

One day on the streets Spelt opens into a series of vision-journeys that help him make meaning and find hope in a broken world.

This is a theatre piece that explores the margins of mind, heart and landscape...


Spelt's Rosary

Developed with the support of Dartington Arts

This piece follow on from 'Spelt's Chap-Book' where Spelt 'stumbles' on a way to relate to the brokenness he encounters. In 'Spelt's Rosary' this path of opening to other becomes a more conscious one:  

"Look down and along and you will see the entire cliff - alive and moving. At first, tiny, tender creatures burrowing holes and tunnels, but soon they will grow in your heart's centre to their true shape and form..."
Having come to the edge of the world, Spelt finds he must go down...
"I strum the gut-string that takes me down."


Written and performed by Mark Drummond, this is an intimate, unforgettable journey...

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Further performances are being planned for 2012 and beyond. Details will be announced shortly.

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