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Earthdrum Theatre is delivering workshops to various charities, schools and corporations across the UK. Typically there is a 50 minute performance followed by a workshop. At present the performances Spelt's Chap-Book and Spelt's Rosary serve to open up areas of mental health, homelessness and the marginalised. The workshops then function to unpack some of the areas introduced in the performances. Participants are encouraged to question and inquire experientially into their interconnection with others. The workshops are intended to engender a collective atmosphere of collaboration and compassion.

" Earthdrum Theatre's presentation of Spelt's Chap-book was very well received by members at Cool House, a mental health charity for families and people affected by and recovering from mental health issues.
Spelt has made a very real impact on us, we look forward to seeing more of him.
These performance/workshops have great potential to help people expand their thinking, move to a different level of being and using imagination.
As the characters emerged (through the washer) most of us could identify with one or two of them and at certain moments there was some lively interactive audience participation.
Although intense and very moving we wanted to see more of Spelt and plan to invite Earthdrum Theatre back soon for Spelt's Rosary."

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Claudia Benzies
Cool House Mental Health Charity

"Mark delivered an impressive and thought provoking performance as 'Spelt'. This opened up possibilities for reflection and discussion that allowed us to explore our attitudes towards homelessness and people with mental health issues. Mark created a safe and supportive space in which to share thoughts and feelings arising from the performance and attendees found it a positive experience which gave them an opportunity to think about issues that come up in our daily work from a new perspective."

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Tandi Francis
NHAS Consultancy Line


If you would like such a workshop in your organisation please contact for further details.

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