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earthdrum theatre

Earthdrum Theatre delivers performances and workshops:

"Spelt has made a very real impact
on us, we look forward to seeing
more of him.
These performance/workshops
have great potential to help
people expand their thinking,
move to a different level of
being and using imagination."

Claudia Benzies
Cool House Mental Health Charity


"Spelt's Chap-book opened doorways
to my own sadness for a family
member with schizophrenia:
Thank you."

Denise. Teacher

earthdrum theatre

earthdrum theatre: a theatre cell working collaboratively, creating potencies (concentrated, compressed forms); through performance placing them in the web, letting them loose...

Our work, whether in the form of performances or workshops, is to create and deliver works of beauty that do not shy away from realities of social inequality and environmental concerns; that indeed provoke imaginative, creative response in audiences. Our work is to re-discover the possibilities of live theatre to engender awareness, relationship and action.

earthdrum theatre was formed in 2009 as a vehicle for collaborative theatre to work with individuals and groups to create texts and performances that engage and support earth and heart connection.

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